Instant Access
Unlatch you dome and fold back the cover 1.5 metres on inground pools and 1.8 metres on above ground pools. On a hot day, you can open both ends and have flow through ventilation. However, consider this, most customers swim with both ends down as it is very pleasant with a warm head environment.
Above Ground Domes
We specialize in above ground domes at a price that you can afford. Because you pool is out of the ground and the same pool every time, we make standard pool dome that will fit your pool. This keeps the price down and we keep the popular brands in stock so you can have your dome within a week if it is in stock. Simply load your pool size measurement form and email or fax back for your quote estimate. For fast track quote, ring Craig direct on 04 2843 4238.

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Our Pool Dome
can save you thousands of dollars.


Heats Your Pool
The dome will heat your pool no matter what State you live in and increase your pool usage up to 7-8 months of the year. In Northern Queensland, the dome will heat your pool in the winter. In Tas, Vic, NSW, S. A., the dome will heat your pool in the summer. In most cases, solar roof heating is not required. If you do have solar on the roof this will help at either end of the season. Generally we find that the dome is sufficient heating for your pool. For all year round swimming add a heat pump and you can swim under the dome in a warm environment. If you have an above ground pool insulating the pool walls will keep your heat in up to 50% more.

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